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Following our passion
for scientific innovation
in healthcare


“We found the relationship with the diverse investors behind Swiss Health Angels (ex-Go Beyond) to be collaborative and supportive, particularly through difficult times, where their commitment and belief in our company and team helped us to keep going and move forward”

Gaudenz von Capeller / CFO


„Trudi, Achim and Daniel are amazing angels and deal leaders with truly unique deal flow in Swiss / European biotech and health startups. They fall into the small group of early stage investors who have been on the other side of the table (as entrepreneurs) and as such enjoy great reputation with fellow investors and startups alike. Their knowledge around biotech / pharma / health Is broad and deep which is invaluable when assessing investments in this space.“

Penny Schiffer / Investor

"I had the pleasure to get to know the team behind Swiss Health Angels when they were evaluating an early investment opportunity in ARTIDIS. The whole process was a very positive experience starting from the professional and fast evaluation process up to closing the investment deal. As first-time entrepreneurs we particularly appreciated that they valued our scientific and technology competences and at the same time provided extremely valuable feedback how we can further advance our business strategy. They remain supportive and active investors at ARTIDIS and we are very glad to have the right skill set of life science and business development onboard."

Marija Plodinec / CEO


“I have worked with this great team for many years and enjoyed it very much. Its profound understanding of the sector and the successful development of knowledge-based life sciences companies have proven to be very beneficial for both the companies and the investors.”

Roger Meier / Board member and Founder

Versameb, Nemis

What we aim for

We embrace innovations that impact patients lives and help bring them to market

We encourage entrepreneurship to accelerate innovation in a highly regulated field

We support institutions to incubate their most promising projects innovation in a highly regulated field

We offer our long experience and broad network in the healthcare industry

We help with our experience, our network and our access to financial means

A unique, positive community of founders and supporters in the healthcare innovation space in Europe.

Our Values

Our main value
is trust

We need to see the value for the patient

We collaborate and engage with the common vision in mind

We sit in the same boat with the founders

We embrace straight talk and a meaningful debate

Our Events

Please use the contact form to receive an invitation to the event. Members also meet in person 1-2 times a year for special events and our annual general meeting.

Structural Setup

Structural Setup

Our Offerings

For Startups

  • Equity
  • Loan
  • Access to investors
  • Expertise & experience
  • Networks

For Individual Investors

  • Access to pitch events
  • Access to curated investment opportunities in HC start-ups
  • Membership benefits in trusted investor community
  • Access to the HC Network and Startup Ecosystem

For Family offices & Institutional Investors

  • Access to curated investment opportunities in HC start-ups
  • Co-investment opportunities
  • HC start-up scouting
  • Due diligence

About Swiss Health Angels

The Swiss Health Angels association is organized to operate as a voluntary and non-profit group for its "Angel Investor" members. We provide a forum for members to meet entrepreneurs seeking help for their companies.


Achim Diedenhofen,

Trudi Hämmerli,
Vice President

Daniel Häring,

Thomas Kindler,

Our Network Partners

Supported Companies

Our highly curated investment opportunities include emerging healthcare companies, operating at the convergence of biology and technology.

Cellestia is an R&D company developing first in class therapies to control pathogenic gene expression by selective inhibition of previously undruggable gene transcription factors in the cell nucleus. First compound currently in Phase 2 trials.

ARTIDIS rapidly diagnoses cancer, detects its aggressiveness and predicts the probability of a patient developing metastases based on the nanomechanical biomarker for cancer. The ARTIDISNet platform combines the nanomechanical biomarker with the patient’s clinical data to guide the best therapy choice for each individual patient.

Elthera is developing an immunotherapy directed against L1CAM which harnesses the patient’s own immune system to actively eliminate cancer cells and stop tumor progression.

Reinventing GPCR drug discovery using systems biology by integrating experimental and computational pharmacology to reveal critical properties of novel GPCR drug candidates.

Dynamic, real time 3D navigation system for high precision implantology

Developing innovative treatments for patients suffering from neurological, neuromuscular and ophthalmic diseases.

Discover our groundbreaking technology that brings chemiluminescence into the field of microbiology for the first time, transforming how food pathogen testing is done prior to shipment from the factory

Our mRNA-based therapeutics can be used to selectively trigger protein overexpression or downregulation, for single or multiple protein targets with one RNA construct. This uncovers new therapeutic possibilities for previously undruggable targets.

BluSense, creating accurate and fast diagnostics tests for Dengue and COVID-19, Zika virus etc, we help people live longer and healthier lives.

Simplify analysis of proteins & small molecules for pharma research and manufacturing

Evismo enables diagnosis for patients with cardiac arrhythmias. Monitoring takes place conveniently in everyday life and runs as long as necessary, as short as possible. To do this, they use the latest technology and intelligently connect the relevant players. With their offer, they improve access, prevention, therapy and diagnostics for patients with suspected cardiac arrhythmias.

Perseo pharma’s therapeutic enzymes, with their stealth coating, are able to invisibly reach their targets so as to slay the disease.

Lumendo is developing a portfolio of innovative, light-active fillers and micro-surgical instruments. These can be used to treat and fill cavities inside the body – for example in dental or neurovascular applications.

Nahtlos is an Empa SpinOff and has developed a patented electrode solution for long-term medical applications. Compared to the 60 year old standard gel electrode, Nahtlos electrode solution offers higher patient comfort, better signal quality and higher RoI for the healthcare provider in long-term applications.

Zaamigo is aiming for healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Zaamigo first product is an innovative dental camera - powered by AI.

Unique personalized skin technology to treat skin defects Cutiss is a Swiss clinical stage life-sciences company focused on skin regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Cutiss aims to provide patients who suffer from large and deep skin defects with the first personalized and automated skin tissue therapy that is safe, effective and accessible for children and adults.

The next-generation pipetting robot. Manual pipetting is slowing down research innovations. Goodbot brings todays potential of robotics & AI to every scientists lab bench.

Kinarus AG is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on bringing novel treatments to patients suffering from Viral (e.g. COVID-19), Respiratory, and Ophthalmic Diseases. Kinarus’s unique and innovative combinatorial Therapeutic Candidate has broad potential to transform numerous Therapeutic Areas

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